by Tim Reaper

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I first finished this one in like August, having been on break from uni since late May, where around the time I had nothing to do apart from try & finish tunes and get better at producing. This one started off as me just practicing chords (my music theory's been really bad for a long time & I've been trying to make it better) & trying to get better at using synths (another weakpoint of mine) but once I had a good melody I liked, I decided to make it into something proper.

Using a Goldie interview CD I had bought months ago (which I couldn't make work in any tunes), a new technique I had picked up (joystick automation) to give a real nice build/flow on the pads & a new amen variant I had found, I finished this one quite quickly & I was happy with it, especially as I rarely ever do tunes like this as slow as 155bpm.

When I had a finished version, I sent it around to a few people, but didn't get much back from it, as in no labels would get back to me about how they like it and I don't think any of the DJs I sent it to played it, so it ended up just falling by the wayside for a while. But recently, I was bored & was going through projects and stumbled upon this one, so thought it could do with a revisit.

It's been about a year since I last put up anything on here, so it seemed like it was the only thing to do with this tune, so here it is, for you to get, or not.


released December 16, 2013



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